Game Development – Introduction

For a while, I seriously considered a career in game design.  Both Monroe County Community College and University of Michigan – Dearborn had game design courses, and I found them to be a lot of fun!  The remainder of this page summarizes the computer games I developed (many were a team effort) and makes them available for download.

I ultimately decided not to make a profession out of game design; I wanted to avoid the inevitable (in my estimation) situation of being compelled to develop a game that contained immoral or inappropriate content.  Despite this decision, I remain a computer game design enthusiast.

If you’re interested in computer game development with DirectX, I cannot highly enough recommend Professor Kelly’s recently-released textbook on the subject, Programming 2D Games. Professor Kelly’s book is very well written and ALL his code has been carefully written and tested. Professor Kelly excels where many other computer game development textbooks fail miserably. (Many computer game development textbooks use outdated techniques or provide buggy, untested code.) Furthermore, Professor Kelly’s support for his book is quite impressive!

Without further ado, let us progress to the games. Use the top menu or the links below to navigate to each game.

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